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    SILOKING TrailedLine Premium the heavy-duty range with comfort (9m³ - 14m³)

    Hopper capacities from 9m³ to 14m³
    The frame and the drive are designed for maximum continuous load and the standard equipment including steps from both sides and the new SILOKING Cross conveyor belt makes it the professional machine for daily feeding.

    Comfortable professional equipment
    The comfortable platform with aluminium step treads from both sides provides convenient and safe access from both sides of the machine. It is mounted onto the frame itself so that any persons climbing onto it are not weighed, which is particularly important, e. g. when adding mineral feed.
    The SILOKING Cross conveyor belt at front with slats of different heights and two-sided drive via 2 hydraulic oil motors belongs to the standard equipment, just as much as 4 load cells for hoppers sized 11m³ upwards.

    The comprehensive standard equipment makes it the professional machine with high comfort and best functionality for heavy-duty use!