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    Manual Liner Flushing System

    The Cotswold manual liner flushing system is a low cost, simple way of sanitising milking units, after infected cows. It uses the well proven Supaspray teatspray system as it's base, the standard VS26 spray gun being replaced with a VS26BF gun, incorporating a spray baffle.

    The flush system comes complete with Dosatron chemical entrainment pump and 15 litre peracetic mix tank, as a three drop system (click on schematic diagram to the left). to which extra drop points can be added , for larger milking parlours.

    As well as liner disinfection, this system can also be used for external cluster washing and disinfection, as a manual pre-spray for the cows and for washing the gloved hands of the operator.

    Product Features
    • Washes and disinfects at the same time
    • Uses a safe, low concentration of peracetic acid (check this with chemical supplier)
    • Use in all it's application will help to prevent the spread of contagious mastitis organisms and may help to control some environmental mastitis organisms.
    • The cluster spray guns are also available with 9" or 12" lances, at extra cost, standard installation being 6".

    Installation is very simple, as with the teatspray systems and all parts back to and including the header tank are supplied.

    We recommend the fitting of an in line water filter, WH19, before the Dosatron, as this can save on maintenance costs.