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    Automatic Cluster Flush System

    he Cotswold Automatic Cluster Flush system is a very effective way of sanitizing the milking units between cows and so minimising the transfer of contagious mastitis organisms, with a clean cluster on every cow.

    The process is fully automatic, individual unit flushing being initiated by the cluster remover on swingover herringbone and most other parlours and whole side flushing by the vacuum gate controls, on doubled up herringbone parlours. Doubled up herringbones can alternatively be operated by a separate push button (one per side) if required.

    Once it is activated by the vacuum signal, the cluster flush control module completes the cycle of two flushes, (water and peracetic acid 0.5%) leaving the cluster ready to put on the next cow. We now have a compressed air operated automatic cluster drop valve available, as an option, which allows the ACR ram to lower the cluster when flushing, thus aiding drainage.

    The unique liquid/pressure cylinder, designed and manufactured by Cotswold, means that unlike other systems on the market, no water/peracetic acid mix goes through the solenoid valves, only compressed air. This makes for a much more reliable system and cuts down on expensive solenoid valve replacements.

    Product Features
    • Quick and easy to install
    • Adaptable to most manufacturers' systems
    • Versions for swing-over and doubled up high and low level herringbones, abreast, tandem and rotary parlours
    • Vigorous flushing action, thoroughly sanitizing long milk tube, claw and liners
    • Unique pressure cylinders, giving consistant volumes of water and pressure to all units
    • Unique anti-syphon valve, incorporated in cylinder, effectively prevents water/ chemical mixture being sucked into milk line
    • Vacuum initiation means no wiring is needed to the ACR controls, therefore no issues with ACR warranty.