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    Heatime® Pro System

    A powerful, real-time cow monitoring solution that enables maximum efficiency and flexibility in managing individual cow monitoring data.

    Power-up your cow monitoring capabilities with an advanced, yet easy-to-use, centralized management system. The PC-based SCR Heatime® Pro System for real-time heat detection and health monitoring is designed for efficient and simple usability. SCR Heatime Pro eliminates the guesswork and inconsistency of evaluating the reproductive, health, nutrition and wellbeing status of each and every cow, allowing early and proactive action to alleviate the full effect of the incidents that prevent cows from achieving their genetic milk production potential.
    • Boost herd-wide productivity with powerful, real-time, individual animal status monitoring
    • Optimize heat detection and achieve high conception rates
    • Gain advanced cow monitoring capabilities for data-driven decision-making
    • Utilize your cow monitoring data with maximum efficiency and flexibility