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    Cattle-Mounted Devices

    Advantages  of a SCHURR cow-brush 2-Brush-system Type B00:

    Flexibility and robustness:

    • vertical movement of both brushes about 25 cm! Our patented parallelogram construction enables all cows with different body height to clean and brush themselves very easily. The angle of the brushes to each other is continued 100°.
    • movable to all directions! If sideways heavy pressure occurs - our cow-brush is also flexible to the left and to the right - not only up and down.  Elastic elements of rubber are absorbing the power of a ‘riding cow’ or any other heavy pressure. This safety function reduces the risk of any damages of gearbox, motor or support frame.
    • It’s a unique advantage of our SCHURR 2-brush-system! Also the the risk of injuries of animals can be reduced through this construction.
    • problem-free installation on an wall or support even if outdoor or indoor.

    Safety and longevity (long service life):

    • fully dust proof and water-protected motor, can be installed also outdoors - motor is complete closed
    • long lasting, non-kink bristles of 100% Nylon ensure a optimal and thorough cleaning for many years. Stability ca. 4 years with 50 - 60 cows
    • service-free, very stable and robust gearbox - made by one of the biggest, well-kown producer of agricultural gearboxes from Italy - fulfils all requirements in all situations.
    • highest protection against all types of injuries, especially problems with too long tails. A SCHURR cow-brush is changing the direction if a tail is turning around the brushes. When overload occurs - the motor is stopping and changing direction. Our patented electronic from 2004 permits a fine setup of the moment of force. The best protection is still to tip the hairs of a tail to approx. 1