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    SILOKING TrailedLine Smart the mini range (3m³ / 5m³)

    Hopper capacities of 3m³ and 5m³

    The SILOKING Smart has been developed with two important facts in mind – minimum cost with maximum reliability. It fulfills these requirements in a perfect way, offering proven SILOKING Technology that is reliable as usual. The compact design provides it with optimal manoeuvrability for flexible use and makes it the first choice especially for smaller farms.

    The details make the difference

    The through drive shaft guarantees smooth running of the machine for low wear and long service life. The safe step allows for looking into the mixing hopper: thanks to its position on the square-bar frame, the operator is not weighed when he climbs onto it (e. g. when adding mineral feed), so the weighing system keeps displaying the exact weight. In view of exact weighing, the load cells are mounted onto the square-bar frame below the mixing hopper, which considerably increases durability.